100 Years of Beauty

Femme-FataleThis video is an interesting montage of “looks” that travel the decades from 1910 to present day, all created on the same model, with looks ranging from:

  • inimal makeup to bold and artistic
  • smooth hair to big hair
  • exotic to demure

Looking at them now in present day, we can see that she is beautiful in every look no matter the decade.

Beauty first comes from within us, where our inner fire resides.  If we feel self-confident, valued, and worthy we feed our inner fire.  That fire can be seen in our eyes, how we walk, how we talk, the choices we make.  It can’t help but be seen by others.  Add to that a healthy connection with our feminine sensuality and you have a raging bonfire walking the streets.

Girl-Next-DoorThis video also reminds me, that  we can be whoever we want to be.  We can turn on the many aspects of our feminine energies to  be more playful or sexy, dominate or submissive, nurturing or ravaging.

Just as we choose a Burlesque name for our Transformational Burlesque dance classes,  dressing the part, trying on different styles and looks can also release a different side of ourselves;  the cheeky, fun girl-next-door, or the mischievious and thrilling Pixie Queen, the seductive Femme Fatale.

So have fun in life, be who you want to be right now!  Love yourself for the beautiful woman you are inside and out!


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