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choosing how to live your life

How Will You Choose To Live Your Life?

Life is full of choices: who you spend time with what you tell yourself and believe about yourself positive and negative choices that impact your self-confidence and identity whether you’ll be happy or joyful, sad or bored choosing to embrace your sexy, sensual, feminine side whether you will unleash the best version of yourself or

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Burlesque Dance Workshop – ROCKED!

On December 18th bells were jingled, the frosty air was heated up and the girls ROCKED their burlesque dance choreography to ‘Jingle Bell Rock”! sung by Bobby Helms. It was wonderful to meet so many new participants, to watch everyone’s unique twist on the dance and to enjoy some laughter with you all! Hope to

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couple's coupon book

Tuck Something Special Into His Christmas Stocking This Year: A Couple’s Coupon Book

This year make it onto Santa’s “Nice and Naughty” list with our brand new Couple’s Coupon eBook. Ignite Your Relationship:  A Couple’s Fire Starter Kit To Build Trust, Playfulness & Passion is filled with 15 exciting e-coupons to create 15 unique date nights.  With a full range of nice to naughty, your partner will be

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what's up wednesdays at the feminineXperience\

What’s Up Wednesdays: December 17, 2014

With the holidays fast approaching, we’re all looking for unique Christmas gift ideas and events to share with our families and friends.   Here’s a list of some of the things that are happening around town in Ottawa, Kanata, Stittsville and beyond.   Since we’ll be taking the Christmas vacation off, you’ll find an extensive

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Feminine Sensual Friday

Feminine Sensual Friday: How to Receive a Compliment

This week on Feminine Sensual Friday, Kari Hummer talks about the importance of receiving a compliment and the challenges women face on that topic. Are you defensive when you receive a compliment?  Do you try to deflect the compliment or do  you accept graciously and take it into your heart?  Don’t forget your actions or

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Jingle Your Bells Burlesque Dance Class Workshop

2 Hour Jingle Your Bells Burlesque Dance Workshop TONIGHT!

The second of this year’s four-workshop lineup is TONIGHT! Get ready to make your way onto Santa’s naughty & nice list with this delicious choreographed nouveau burlesque dance.  Tonight’s featured song is “Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms. Meet us tonight at 7pm at the KRC (Kanata Recreation Complex) , 100 Walter Baker Place, Hall C

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Thank You Thursday: Sexy Red Heels

I am thankful for the most sexy, little, red shoes ever! When I wear them I automatically become the most beautiful, vibrant woman possible.   These powerful shoes command my body to stand up straight, walk with the luscious power of femininity and to use my curves to my advantage.  My heart actually races with excitement looking

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Titillating Talk Tuesdays at FeminineXperience

Titillating Talk Tuesday: No Dance Experience Required!

Titillating Talk Tuesday’s Question: Dear Scarlett Fire  I want to try your classes but I can’t dance.  I’m afraid I’m going to look stupid.   I have two left feet and no coordination. Anonymous Scarlet Fire’s Response: Dear anonymous, 95% of all the women who come to me say this exact thing. You are not alone.

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