Left Hand by Alt J: Much Music & Movement Monday

This Week’s ThemePixie-Queen-2

The Pixie Goddess feminine energy: mischievous, magnetic, self-assured

SONG: Left Hand
VIDEO: Click Here to Watch the YouTube Video

With summer here, ROAD TRIP comes to mind. With images of the wind blowing in my hair and the sun beating down on my LEFT HAND hanging out of my window, turning up the music starts to sound so enticing!

Get into your Pixie Goddess energy with this mischievous-feeling song and go out on the open road with no destination just to feel a little bad ass!

To learn more about the Spectrum of feminine energies and how to fully embrace them in your life confidently register for one of The FeminineXperience’s workshops or Transformational Burlesque dance classes.

Enjoy experiencing your mischievous Pixie Goddess.

Scarlett Fire, aka Kari Hummer

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