4 Week Burlesque Mini Course

4 Week Mini Course Begins Monday November 28, 2016!

It’s the Final session of Burlesque and the class is filling up fast!

A Special Gift


All participants will receive a special surprise gift at the end of the 4 week session.  If you can’t make it to the final night please let me know in advance.


What you’ll learn:

  • power of eye contactHow to use the power of eye contact
  • How to use props
  • Attractive photo posing
  • Mini basic sensual routines
  • How to take it all off sexily

What to Wear:

  • yoga pants or  comfortable clothes that you can move in easily
  • a basic outfit that you can add layers to

What to Bring:

  • 50-shades-of-grey-tied-upGloves
  • Long socks or stockings
  • Scarves of a few different lengths and sizes
  • Hat
  • Button up large boy shirt, jacket or coat


Who is This Course for?:

  • For women who want to live life more deliciously
  • For women who want to expand their comfort zones
  • For women who want to express their sensuality

FEE: $ 123.00

 –>   Message me to find out how you can get the mini course for $100 and save $23.00!

November 28-Dec 19, 2016
Kanata Recreation Complex, Hall B Upstairs

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