Burlesque Prep for Beginners

Love Your Body Now! Transformational Burlesque Prep combines focused movement and dance with group exercises. Feel fit and sexy as you learn and practice how to move your womanly curves in this new, fun and sensual way. Allow your body to develop muscle memory by repeating movements.  Build muscle in arms, core and legs to create a strong body.

Each class will include:

  • Grounding Empowerment – updating our inner navigational system
  • Warm Up
  • Power Walk to get into our Treasure Hunter mindset and connect us with the group
  • Core exercises and muscle building techniques – to build strength in core and other muscles in order to master movements and poses properly
  • Learn, Build And Master Sensual Movements and Poses – to connect our mind/body to get comfortable and develop our feminine sensual side, get out of our comfort zone to build confidence, and help us accept support and give support to those struggling or cheering those accomplishing a victory!
  • Flexibility cool down – Yoga inspired stretches in order to become more flexible.
  • Empowerment Lesson And Homework -to create habits and rituals of focused theme.

Note: This class can be a prequisite to Transformational Burlesque or enjoyed on its own.

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