But I am a Good Girl: Much Music & Movement Monday

This Week’s ThemeGoddess energy vs crone energy

The Goddess feminine passionate, confident, influential

SONG: But I am a Good Girl
ARTIST: Christina Aguilera
VIDEO: Click Here to Watch the YouTube Video

You will definitely get into your goddess energy with this song that’s  full of attitude and punch!

Need to pitch an idea to someone?  Unleash this energy that is sitting inside of you and no one will be able to turn you down!!

Use this powerful energy with caution- it is very hot….but do have fun with it too!!

To learn more about the Spectrum of feminine energies and how to fully embrace them in your life confidently register for one of The FeminineXperience’s workshops or Transformational Burlesque dance classes.

Enjoy experiencing your Goddess.

Scarlett Fire, aka Kari Hummer




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