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Sensuality Through Your Senses

In this week’s podcast I’ll be talking about the stimulating power of your senses and how they enhance your feminine sensuality to position you into your most natural, attractive state. I’ll be discussing the importance of: sounds, from warm and grounding to strong and explosive, and the moods they invoke touch and self-appreciation, scents and the emotions they

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much music and movement monday psychotic girl song by the black keys

Much Music & Movement Monday: Grab Your Partner’s Attention with this Sexy Wall Swivel

This Week’s Theme:   The Sexy Wall Swivel Want to make your significant other  grin from ear to ear?  Here’s a sexy new hip dance movement that is guarantee to stoke a little fire between you!0 You can play it up to give him a little extra somethin’ somethin’ or master the move for your

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The Formula For Living a Vibrant Successful Life

Being successful is a formula.    Living vibrantly in your life is a formula. It’s the same for everyone.  Watch how successful people do it and follow in their footsteps and you will notice a big change in your life. As Tony Robbins says, “success leaves clues“. In today’s post, Will Smith shares his wisdom on

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choosing how to live your life

How Will You Choose To Live Your Life?

Life is full of choices: who you spend time with what you tell yourself and believe about yourself positive and negative choices that impact your self-confidence and identity whether you’ll be happy or joyful, sad or bored choosing to embrace your sexy, sensual, feminine side whether you will unleash the best version of yourself or

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Feminine Sensual Friday

Feminine Sensual Friday: How to Receive a Compliment

This week on Feminine Sensual Friday, Kari Hummer talks about the importance of receiving a compliment and the challenges women face on that topic. Are you defensive when you receive a compliment?  Do you try to deflect the compliment or do  you accept graciously and take it into your heart?  Don’t forget your actions or

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What's Up Wednesdays in Stittsville, Kanata & Ottawa

What’s Up Wednesdays – Nov 28th, 2014

Welcome to What’s Up Wednesdays! If you’re looking for a fun way to bond with your girlfriends or searching for that hot night out with your partner be sure to check in here every Wednesday for a list of upcoming community events!   You’ll also find out first hand what’s new at the FeminineXperience. This Week

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