Exotic Dancers Of The 1890s: Feminine Sensuality Friday

This week on Feminine Sensuality Friday at The FeminineXperience we take a look at  vintage photographs of beautiful, natural women who are completely comfortable in their own skin!

Thanks to Dangerous Minds for this article. Article via The Open Mind.  

I love these photographs dated around 1890 of popular burlesque performers in their heyday. What you notice immediately is how different they look from today’s standards of exotic dancers, and woman in general! They aren’t skinny, no breast implants, collagen injections, butt implants, lip injections, cheek implants, liposuction and this damned list could go on and on…. Of course those options didn’t exist back then, so who really knows if any of these women would have opted to surgically change themselves.

I just dig these specific women who are totally comfortable in their own natural skin whilst celebrating their beauty, femininity and sexuality. They’re refreshing.

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