Featuring Ginger Sass Today on Feminine Sensual Friday

Meet Ginger Sass!

As part of our Feminine Sensual Fridays, I dedicate one Friday each month to one of the beautiful, sensational, vibrant women in our program. As part of our journey we each select an alter ego, a Burlesque name, to inspire the changes we wish to unleash in our lives. Today you meet Ginger Sass!

Who is Ginger Sass?

Meet Ginger SassGinger Sass is a radiant, joy filled woman with a smile that just won’t quit!   As Ginger Sass shares, her  smile is one of her biggest assets!

For 28 years she worked as a registered occupational therapist but is currently entering a new phase of her life.  She is planning on writing and possibly opening her own tea shop!  Ginger Sass is the mother of two children: a 19 year old daughter and a 14 year old son.  Their family is made even larger with their dog and cat.  She loves her family and thoroughly enjoys welcoming everyone into her home.

An Interesting Twist

Did you know that at one time Ginger Sass was a Mary Kay consultant?  She even did the makeup application for several of her friends who were getting married. And she still loves makeup!

Fearless & Free

When I asked Ginger Sass what she would like to do, if fear were not in the equation, she revealed that she’d love to set off on a trip to  backpack around a Swiss mountain trail completely by herself.  Sounds so peaceful!

Unleashing in Progress

As part of the Transformational Burlesque program, the women identify qualities within themselves that they wish to unleash in order to live a more vibrant, fulfilling life!   Ginger Sass is working on unleashing her mysterious side.    What she enjoys most about the Transformational Burlesque dance class is learning the dances.  She finds it a challenge while making her feel sexy again.

Oh  la la… the Sensual Side

In addition to unleashing characteristics such as self-confidence and  bravery, the women are also working on opening up their sensual sides.  Over time, women can cover their femininity with protective layers until its hidden deep within…being a mom, a career woman, an athlete, a negative life event or demands on our time can take a toll pushing some of our softer elements  to the back burner. So, we asked Ginger Sass about a few things she enjoys that ellicits a softer, sensual feeling.

  • One of Ginger Sass’s favorite songs is “I Still Feel Jealous” by Nick Jonas.   She loves the way the music flows and imagines performing some burlesque moves to this song
  • Her  calming colour is teal blue.   While black and gold make her feel sensual with a nice bright lip colour
  • She  loves the feel of suede and leather against her skin
  • Jasmine/bergamot scents make her melt

Please feel free to leave Ginger Sass a comment below. She is a joy  to have in our classes!

If you would like to register or learn more about being part of the Transformational Burlesque Program please visit our class page by clicking here.

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