Featuring Violet Sass on Feminine Sensual Friday

Meet Violet Sass!

As part of our Feminine Sensual Fridays, I dedicate two Fridays each month to one of the beautiful, sensational, vibrant women in our program. As part of our journey we each select an alter ego, a Burlesque name, to inspire the changes we wish to unleash in our lives. Today you meet Violet Sass!

Who is Violet Sass?

VioletSassWhen 28 year old Violet Sass enters the room people first notice her big beautiful eyes, her stunning smile and gorgeous silky hair. But miss Violet Sass is a true representation of beauty from the inside out!

Not yet a parent, but with wishes to someday be, Violet Sass along with her partner Jon, enjoys babying their handsome, and somewhat mischievous, 16 month old boxer, Gambit. I’m sure he’s a welcome sight when arriving home from a day of event booking and coordination for the city of Ottawa.

Her best asset according to her friend Christine, is doing the Katie Shake! We’ve all seen the Katie shake in class and she is the master, or shall I say the mistress, of the move! In addition to the Katie Shake, Violet Sass also has another special talent – she loves to sing. She has sung at weddings and in a few other public forums.

When asked what she loves best about her life, she said it is the person she is becoming, not just by herself, but with the love of her partner and help of her friends.

An Interesting Twist

Something inspirational about Violet Sass,  is that over the past ten years she has achieved the fantastic accomplishment of losing 90 lbs! She confesses that, as most people who’ve lost a significant amount of weight feel, she isn’t yet comfortable in her own skin and body, but she’s working on it! 🙂

Fearless and Free

One question we often ask our participants is, “if you could do any one thing in life, without fear holding you back, what would it be?”.  For Violet Sass it’s a boudoir photo shoot. The thought of doing something like that (“with my body issues”) would be totally out of her comfort zone.  She feels that opening up, allowing herself to be vulnerable, and being able to do this for the man she loves, would be incredibly freeing.

Unleashing in Progress

As part of the Transformational Burlesque program the women identify qualities within themselves that they wish to unleash in order to live a more vibrant, fulfilling life! Violet Sass is working on unleashing her self-confidence, both in her body and her mind.

What she’s enjoyed the most about her classes is meeting new friends. When she started coming to class on a regular basis she was going through a major life transition. With the help of the wonderful friends she had made as part of the performance group, she felt comfortable coming to Transformational Burlesque. “Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel like part of the group. I soon developed friendships that I hope will last a life time. I don’t know what I would have done over the last year without the ladies in our TB Family!”.

Oh la la…the Sensual Side

In addition to unleashing characteristics such as self-confidence and bravery, the women are also working on opening up their sensual sides, to experience the full range of feminine energies. Over time, women can cover their femininity with protective layers until its hidden deep within…being a mom, a career woman, an athlete, experiencing a negative life event or demands on our time can take a toll pushing some of our sensual elements to the back burner. So, we asked Violet Sass about a few things she enjoys that elicits a softer, sensual feeling.

  • She has music in her blood! But she honestly didn’t think she could name a favourite song, it depends upon her mood. However, she is definitely a fan of pop/ top 40, country, some classic rock
  • Green is her favourite colour. Purple is her little bit of sass, as her name says. Black makes her feel sexy and powerful!
  • She loves a little white wine with strawberries and chocolate to set her sensual taste buds tingling
  • She loves the feeling of silk and satin, but there is also something nice about soft cotton against her skin
  • The scent of Axe Pheonix makes her melt . She says it’s funny how the scents that drove her nuts in high school (because the boys wore them to cover up their BO) are now so enticing in smaller doses.  Her partner, Jon wears this scent often.

Please feel free to leave Violet Sass a comment below. She is a true pleasure and treasure to have in our class and community!

If you would like to register or learn more about being part of the Transformational Burlesque Program please visit our class page by clicking here.

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