Feminine Sensual Fridays – Getting to 2nd Base

It’s that time of the week!

It’s  Feminine Sensual Fridays where I will be sharing tips, tricks and advice about an array of topics, all related to unleashing the sexy, sensual, incredibly feminine woman you are!

This week’s edition:   Getting to 2nd Base…With Yourself!

Do you give yourself the time of day?  Do you put other people’s needs ahead of your own?  Do you value yourself?

Today is all about getting intimate with yourself…learning to value and spend time making yourself feel good, in a loving way.

How do you give yourself attention?

How do YOU invest in yourself?   I’d love to hear about the special moments you take just for you!  Please share your ideas here to inspire other women who may be looking for ways to find a few relaxing, inspiring or intimate moments for themselves.  You can also contribute on my social media accounts: Facebook page, or Twitter: @KariHummerDance #GettingTo2ndBaseFSF.

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