Feminine Sensual Fridays: Falling In Love

This week’s edition:   Falling In Love….With Yourself!

That’s right.  Finding our own self-love is critical to our well-being!  Find out more…Watch this week’s video now!

What do You Love About Yourself?

Name a body part, whether its your hair, your eyes, your nose, your toes or any other lady bumps you’d like to mention, that you really enjoy or love!  And, if you’re really daring, post a photo of yourself showing off that beautiful part on  one of my social media accounts: Facebook page, or Twitter: @KariHummerDance #LoveMyself-FSF.

Fall in Love With Yourself to live a more confident, powerful, passionate life experience?

If you would like to enhance your life experience by by creating a more powerful, passionate relationship with yourself read about our Transformational Burlesque Program for women.  Strengthen your confidence, embrace your sensuality and accentuate your femininity.


Feminine Sensual Friday


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