Fever, by Elvis Presley: Much Music & Movement Monday

This Week’s ThemeThe-Goddess-Energy

The Goddess feminine energy: passionate, confident, influential

SONG: Fever
ARTIST: Elvis Presley
VIDEO: Click Here to Watch the YouTube Video

Highly sensual and magnetic is the energy of the Goddess!  This song will pull that energy out of you and have you  magnetizing and captivating the masculine energy.  You will also be a hero to women everywhere, the ones that are confident in them-self.  The ones who are not may feel a little threatened by you, but do not dim your light for anyone!  Shine in all your glory!

To learn more about the Spectrum of feminine energies and how to fully embrace them in your life confidently register for one of The FeminineXperience’s workshops or Transformational Burlesque dance classes.

Enjoy experiencing your Goddess.

Scarlett Fire, aka Kari Hummer



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