Fire Starter Challenge

The very first event date of the Fire Starter Challenge is about to be announced!  Don’t miss it!

Get ready to :

  • Play full out
  • Be part of a supportive and encouraging team
  • Get out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting
  • Spark your creativity
  • Light a fire within your spirit
  • Face fears head on in a safe,  supportive and freeing environment
  • Take part in community building while being supported by your team community

Possible Side Effects May Include

(But are not limited to…)

  • Free flowing creativity to open doors you never thought possible
  • Added excitement and juiciness in your life
  • Living more openly and authentically in everything you do
  • Mad, passionate, extraordinary relationships
  • Soaring career
  • Exceeding personal goals
  • Fearlessly living the life  you’ve always wanted
  • Possessing the fuel and drive to get what you want in life with less fear

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The Evening’s Event

One evening, every two months, you and your team will jump into the fire of life taking on challenges and tasks that encourage the releasing of fears, building of trust within yourself and others, and improving self-confidence.

Challenges range in levels of  difficulty, trust  and support.  As you and your team complete each task and submit the required validation process you will be awarded points for the levels completed.

All of the activities are designed with safety at the forefront.  Teams are required to act with dignity, respect, support and of course, within the law.

Who’s Playing?

The Fire Starter Challenge is geared towards women ages 25-100 (the majority are 30-59) who want to get our of their comfort zones and live a more vibrant, radiant, fearless life.

Are you a woman who is ready to:

  • upgrade old, outdated programming?
  • to reinvent your identity?
  • to peel away the old fears that cover up your vibrancy of who you really are?
  • to jump start your relationships?
  • get noticed in your career?

Women who take part in a Fire Starter Challenge enjoy the freedom of spirit and pure joy at overcoming the barriers in their lives that currently hold them back!

 Fire Starter Challenge Game Details

Teams comprised of 4 – 8 participants (in good physical health) must register a minimum of one week prior to the event.

Teams will elect their own team leader as the organizer of their group.

Teams will receive their required supply list 48  hrs prior to the event date along with rules and guidelines.

Teams earn valuable points throughout the completion and validation of the game challenges and tasks.  Play FULL OUT  and your team could be the winner !

Prizes for the team earning the most points!

Random spot checks will be performed to ensure an all-inclusive, supportive and encouraging team environment, and to validate the correct completion of tasks and their requirements.


Private Challenges?

Would you like to hire us for your corporate team building event, bachelorette party, girls night or special occasion?

We organize Private Fire Starter Challenges  for men, women and mixed groups.

Please contact us for more information.


Health & Physical Fitness Requirements

All participants must be in good physical health.  Some challenges may involve physical activity.  All participants must be approved by their doctor for participation in the events.


Rules & Guidelines

Coming soon






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