Choosing Your Burlesque Name – The Importance of an Alter Ego

Its a fresh new season and the 2015/2016 Transformational Burlesque classes are underway!   For our newcomers creating their burlesque name or for those returning and wishing to update their name to fit their transformation this article will help you choose a burlesque name that fits you.

It’s time to begin shifting your energy into an even more powerful and positive place. What better way to start the transformation burlesque process than to choose your own personal burlesque name and power move to help you step into character?

choosing a burlesque nameWhat’s in a Burlesque Name?

Choosing your burlesque name is an important step in the process of re-calibrating your energy.

Choose wisely ensuring the alter ego you choose makes you instantly feel the way you want to feel when you’re living your most joyous and vibrant life.

The name is very personal and must, when in character, invoke a different feeling from your current state.

It should create a sense of freedom allowing you to express the qualities that you know you already have inside you that may currently be covered up by fear, doubt or insecurities.

Begin by identifying the characteristics and qualities you are working towards uncovering from within yourself. For example, if you’re shy but want to be more confident and outgoing with a touch of sweetness choose a character name that displays both traits: ie. Brazen Kitty

So Many Names, Which Do You Choose?

If you’re finding it challenging to choose the right name, try on a few different ones for size. See if any, when said out loud, have the power to help you identify and connect with those important qualities.

And remember, you can change your name as you grow along your journey. You may find that you change it from one year to the next as you grow and develop. Characteristics you may have once thought you wanted can change into something totally different.

burlesque-red-shoes-and-boaIdeas to Get You Started

To help you choose the perfect name that reflects your alter ego I’ve created a burlesque name chart (click on the image at the right)  with a variety of words categorized into some fun groupings such as heat, textures, flavours, naughty, body beauty and goddesses. Some suggested combinations to get you started:

  • hot & spicy
  • sweet & sassy
  • cute and naughty
  • naughty goddess
  • Power Move

In addition to the name you will create a power movement to be done in unison with saying your burlesque name. This movement locks the name while awakening your mind to the qualities you’re looking to cultivate within yourself.

Performing this name/movement combination repeatedly will allow you to move into these qualities anytime, anywhere and in any situation. Over time, you will notice that shifting into those characteristics becomes easier and easier. It will give you the freedom to act, in everyday life, with those qualities without your fear, doubt or insecurities taking over.

I’d love for you to share your name with us. Be sure to leave a comment below!

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