How do You See Yourself?

triple-mirrorWhen you look in the mirror which image do  you see?

  • Do you see the image on the right – the sexy, put together, alluring, hot commodity full of self-confidence and self-value?
  • Or do you see the image on the left – the slouching, unsure woman, who’s lacking self-esteem and self-worth who tends to underestimate herself?

Unfortunately, many women look at themselves in the mirror and see the image on the left.

It’s so very important to cultivate a healthy sense of  self-esteem and self-worth, to value yourself and love who you really are.

Building a healthy self-image, boosting self-confidence and increasing your self-value is accomplished through applying habits of positive self-talk and empowering rituals throughout your day on a regular basis.   The women in our Transformational Burlesque classes are learning just that through the use of powerful life tools, embracing their sensuality through dance and working on appropriate homework exercises.  Have a look at some of our Feature Friday Ladies such as Violet Sass or Dee Dee Licious.

How do you see yourself?  What kind of self-worth do you have?

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