How to Avoid Becoming a Hairy Beast!

image courtesy of  nokhoog_buchachon at

Image courtesy of nokhoog_buchachon at

Self improvement isn’t a destination – it is a JOURNEY.

Its a process in developing small habits continually every day, of learning and taking steps towards your goal –  just like the dance choreography we learn in class, learning a few steps at a time until we learn the whole dance!  If we want to retain the dance we mustn’t stop doing the steps or we will slide backward.

Or like many other things in life such as shaving  (yes we did it today)  we must continue or we will loose the progress and become hairy beasts!!

Its much the same with internal self-improvement- you must take your steps and continually practice them. Never stop!

Keep maintaining your habits and you will maintain your success of  improvements.

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Scarlett Fire, aka Kari Hummer

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