If You’ve Never Failed You’ve Never Tried Anything New

Failure: A tool for success or the end of the road?

 Is Failure painful?  Yes

Is Failure the end?  No, it doesn’t have to be!

Have you ever failed at something in your life?

failure inspires successAt some time or another all of us have experienced a failure of sorts whether it be significant or minuscule.    It’s what you do next, how you act or react that determines the outcome of this experience.  Do you give up and never try again, continuing to live your life the same way?  Or, do you get up, set your determination meter one notch higher and try a new approach to achieve your dream or desired outcome?

If you look at Failure with a positive mindset, it’s really just the beginning of something grand and beautiful in your life.  It’s the opportunity to learn and grow, to try something new that may open bigger and better doors and to expand your world to greater depths.  It is the biggest motivator you have to reach your dreams.

Some of the greatest minds, philosophers, scientists, and entertainers who we recognize as the most famous in the world have ALL experienced failure of some kind.  They may have been rejected from auditions, booed off the stage, demoted, experienced developmental delays, criticized for their views, or been misjudged by their elders or peers.  What raised them up to their level of success in their endeavors is  the ability to use those failures as a guide to find the right path or a new way  to reach their destination.  If Oprah Winfrey had accepted her demotion from a news anchor as a sign that she wouldn’t reach her dreams, she would never have become one of the most influential women in the world.

These people did not allow fear to hold them back.  Instead, they took action, tried new ways, different methods and persevered until they broke through and reached their goals.

We don’t all have to be famous to measure ourselves as a success.  If we truly want something for ourselves, our career, our family, we have to continue to put aside fear and get creative by trying a new road, taking a different course, doing something out of the norm or out of our comfort zone.

You just never know where the next fork in the road will take you!  It could be straight to your dreams!  I hope you’ll find inspiration in the  video below, entitled Famous Failures.

Are you read to reach for the stars and achieve your dreams?    I would love to hear your story!

Scarlett Fire, aka Kari Hummer



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