Looking for Open-Minded Women Who Love to Dance!

Only 7 more days until the first class of Transformational Burlesque!



Who takes our classes do you ask?

The women in our classes come from diverse backgrounds, careers, life experiences and age groups:

  • nurses, secretaries, web designers, realtors, moms, teachers administrators, database specialists…
  • 24-65 years old
  • those who have never danced before to those who grew up dancing
  • reserved to free-spirited
  • with gentle past experiences to those who have experienced the difficulties of life

But there are  two things they all have in common: a desire for personal growth and a love for dance!

In our classes you will find yourself surrounded by supportive, good-natured, positive women who will embrace you and  encourage you along your journey.  And lets not forget the laughter and pure fun that every Monday night brings!


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