Meet Burlesque Dancer, Poison Ivory on Feature Friday

It’s Feature Friday here at The FeminineXperience where you get to meet one of the beautiful, sensational, vibrant women in our program. As part of our journey we each select an alter ego, a Burlesque name, to inspire the changes we wish to unleash in our lives. Today you meet Poison Ivory!

Who is Poison Ivory?

Ashley-Poison-IvoryThis 33 year old blonde bombshell and native Newfoundlander is a dedicated Neonatal Intensive Care registered nurse who cares for  precious little babies arriving into our world.   In addition to the NICU she also provides respite nursing care for families with children with special needs.

At home she has an amazing husband, beautiful one year old daughter and three pets, one dog named Daisy who’s a crazy hyper boxer and two cats named Lou and Oscar.  Poison Ivory’s sister originally named Lou, Taloula until they realized that he was actually a boy.  Taloula was then shortened to Lou.

When we asked Poison Ivory what she loved best about her life she had this to say:  “The best thing about my life has always been my family. My immediate family which includes 1) my amazing husband who is the sweetest and least selfish person I have ever met. He always puts me and our daughter first. He is the best dad that any daughter could ever hope to have 2) my beautiful baby girl Amelia who just turned one in March and 3) my mom who is also very important to me because she has been my inspiration since I was young. She is the epitome of a strong and independent woman. ”

Poison Ivory feels her best asset would be her hair. “It really is nice because I can curl it or straighten it and it would actually stay that way for a week if I didn’t wash it. It also seems to stay healthy even though I have been dying it for so many years.”

An Interesting Twist

An interesting fun-fact about Poison Ivory is that she has to have a fan to sleep.  “I know it seems a bit crazy, but I’m such a light sleeper that I started using it to stay asleep and now I’m actually hooked.”

Fearless and Free

One question we often ask our participants is, “if you could do any one thing in life, without fear holding you back, what would it be?”   Here is what she had to say, “Something I have always wanted to do but have been too scared would be to travel more and see the world. The problem is that I would never do that on my own.”

Power of Class

As part of the Transformational Burlesque program the women identify qualities within themselves that they wish to unleash in order to live a more vibrant, fulfilling life! The women can choose whether or not to share these with the other women in a safe and supportive environment.  Poison ivory reveals that she is working on fearlessness, to let go and be less uptight and to gain more confidence about her body.

When we asked her what she loves about the class she had this to say, “the best thing about transformational burlesque is the wonderful and positive energy that it brings to my life. I can go to class feeling down and leave feeling empowered and positive with a smile on my face.”

Oh la la…the Sensual Side

In addition to reclaiming their self-confidence, self-love and self-value, the women are also tapping into their sensual feminine energy.  Events in our lives can create protective layers that cover up or hide parts of ourselves deep within…being a mom, a career woman, an athlete, negative life events or demands on our time can all take a toll pushing some of our sensual elements to the back burner. So, we asked Poison Ivory  about a few things she enjoys that elicit a sensual feeling.  Here’s what she had to say:

What is your favourite song: Rhythm of My Heart by Rod Stewart because it reminds me of Newfoundland.  I am from Newfoundland and my whole family lives there.  I often miss the closeness to the ocean and the smell of the air.

What colour makes you feel sensual/happy/calm ?  Yellow and lime green make me feel happy. Blue makes me calm and black brings out my sensual side.

What food makes your sensual tastebuds tingle?  My favourite food is chocolate. Anyway it can be served. Fondue is probably the best though.

What’s you favourite fabric to feel on your skin?  Favorite fabric would have to be my freshly laundered high quality cotton sheets warm out of the dryer.

What scent makes you melt?  Favorite scent is the smell of roses and lilacs in the garden in the summer. Also, the crisp fresh air right by the ocean.

Please feel free to leave Poison Ivory a comment below. Her bright energy and openness is a beautiful energy to have in class!

If you would like to register or learn more about being part of the Transformational Burlesque Program please visit our class page by clicking here.


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