Meet Dee Dee Licious on Feature Friday

As part of our Feminine Sensual Fridays, I dedicate two Fridays each month to one of the beautiful, sensational, vibrant women in our program. As part of our journey we each select an alter ego, a Burlesque name, to inspire the changes we wish to unleash in our lives. Today you meet Dee Dee Licious!

Who is Dee Dee Licious?

Dee Dee LiciousJust becoming comfortable in her 40’s, Dee Dee Licious is still young at heart. A Mom to 2 tween boys, Sheldon and Nicholas, her life is never quiet! You can find her in the stands at their hockey games cheering them on several times a week. Also a mom to several rescues, Zachary the Wonder Dog, Elliot Moo the cat, and Alfred and Anabeth the guinea pigs (who actually belong to the boys, but you know how that goes!) When it comes to animals, her heart melts.

Dee Dee is passionate about educating people on health and wellness. She is currently an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International and enjoys helping people detoxify their lives!

Other than being a parent, she most loves her passionate love affair with her wife, Krystal. The couple have been together for 8 years and although their relationship has its highs and lows, Dee Dee is most proud that she had the courage to live her true life and show her children that it doesn’t matter what others think. The only opinions that matter are the ones of the people that sit around your dinner table at night.

Dee Dee fancies herself a lyrical genius and can rhyme or twist anything into a jingle or double entendre!

Her best asset is her sense of humour and her mischievous giggle.

An Interesting Twist

According to her oldest son, Dee Dee can take a dull event and make it a fun environment and can brighten any mood, usually with her ridiculous sense of humour!

Fearless and Free

One question we often ask our participants is, “if you could do any one thing in life, without fear holding you back, what would it be?”

Dee Dee Licious has always wanted to model or be a performer of some sort. “I feel like I have it in me deep down, but whenever the opportunity arises, I stop it from coming out. I never feel comfortable giving 100%. I’m afraid that if I did, people would say “She’s not good enough or pretty enough or thin enough”. It has held me back a lot in my life, unfortunately. That makes me sad.”

Unleashing in Progress

As part of the Transformational Burlesque program the women identify qualities within themselves that they wish to unleash in order to live a more vibrant, fulfilling life!

When asked about the characteristics she would like to unleash, Dee Dee had this to say: “Honestly, I would like to unleash my sexy. I chose the name Dee Dee Licious because that’s a woman who is bold and sexy. I mean, that’s what her name is…pure hotness. I know that in my heart I am a sexy woman, but somewhere along the way that gets lost in translation and I end up feeling frumpy and plain. If only I could figure out how to not be so shy about it and so afraid.”

The supportive environment is what keeps her coming back to the Transformational Burlesque classes. Even if she takes a bit of time off now and then. “During this hour I get positive reinforcement that the sexy woman really is inside me. I’ve noticed her poking her head out more and more and for longer periods lately!”

Oh la la…the Sensual Side

In addition to unleashing characteristics such as self-confidence, self-love and self-value, the women are also working on opening up their sensual sides, to experience the full range of feminine energies. Over time, women can cover their femininity with protective layers until its hidden deep within…being a mom, a career woman, an athlete, experiencing a negative life event or demands on our time can all take a toll pushing some of our sensual elements to the back burner. So, we asked Dee Dee Licious about a few things she enjoys that elicits a sensual feeling.

What is your favourite song: Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. Makes me feel young and lets me strut! (when no one’s looking of course!)

What colour makes you feel sensual/happy/calm ? Hot pink makes me feel sensual. It’s a hot colour and my blue eyes pop when I wear it, so I feel attractive and more confident.

What food makes your sensual tastebuds tingle? Um…chocolate. Especially spicy dark chocolate.

What’s you favourite fabric to feel on your skin? Currently my fantastic organic bamboo sheets. Straight out of a shower all fresh and clean and naked. Best sleep ever…unless…

What scent makes you melt? There are a few that stop me dead in my tracks. Frangipani, vanilla and musk appear in a lot of my favorite bath products and perfumes. Amour by Kenzo is my current perfume that makes me feel sexy. I always wear it to class!

Please feel free to leave Dee Dee Licious a comment below. She brings a fiery spark to class every single week and we are so happy to have her in our class and community!

If you would like to register or learn more about being part of the Transformational Burlesque Program please visit our class page by clicking here.

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