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“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you Think you are” – Kari Hummer

As a Femininity Coach and Dance Instructor/Choreographer for over 17 years, Kari Hummer has been passionately involved in empowering thousands of women from all walks of life to understand their authentic feminine nature, to embrace their full spectrum of light to dark feminine traits (from the traditional, gentle, innocent Maiden to the powerful, sexual, liberal Femme Fatale), and to love and appreciate their bodies in this moment in time.

The FeminineXperience Was Born

Over 20 years ago, her own personal life experiences created an electrifying spark in Kari’s life which became, and remains, the driving force behind The FeminineXperience.  Her passion to help women has been her inspiration throughout her career and extensive education to understand feminine and masculine energy, relationship magnetism, and personal growth.

When she combined her life-long of dance  with her desire to empower women to live their most radiant, vibrant, life full of fire and passion, a  powerful and life-changing program was born – Transformational Burlesque.

Kari discovered that by sharing her dance and choreography skills with other women, she was also able to help them discover themselves and their capabilities, to unleash something bigger from within.

Her first small class would grow to become a dance studio, teaching self-empowerment through dance to women.

Kari Hummer – The Woman

When it comes to dance and her family, Kari is a dedicated and passionate woman. Her life-long love of dance is inspiring her three very energetic children to follow in her dance-steps.

Kari has embraced all forms of dance since her enthusiasm for gymnastics evolved into Ballet as a young girl. She has pursued Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pole and more recently, Burlesque.  Her favorite style of dance is Nouveau Burlesque and she eagerly shows others how much fun and empowering it can be, all while providing excellent fitness opportunities.

Kari has been involved in choreographing / performing:

  • routines for JRP Model and Talent Agency in (Southfield MI)
  • Dreams on Ice Fashion show (Windsor ON)
  • Military Family Canada Day Show for 7 years (Petawawa, ON)
  • Divine Diva Shows, Montreal Burlesque Festival
  • Centrepointe Theatre right here in Ottawa
  • Flash mobs for weddings, parties, corporate events
  • development of course curriculum
  • corporate team building workshops
  • Nouveau Burlesque workshops
  • Nouveau Burlesque Transformational Empowerment programs for women
  • Choreographing personalized private videos to further empower women within relationships, personally or in the workplace

In addition to her extensive dance background, continuous research, education in Femininity and personal growth, Kari has invested  hundreds of hours of study attending courses in Palm Springs, West Palm Beach and New York.

Kari’s Viewpoint

Kari’s believes “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you THINK you are.”  Kari is confident that anyone can achieve their desired dreams, if they believe that they can achieve it; work on becoming the person they need to be to achieve it; and go forward fearlessly!

Kari has a gift of inspiring others to believe in themselves, have the courage to focus and pursue a goal and get out of their comfort zone to boost their self-confidence through dance.


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