Meet Paprika Precious on Feature Friday

Meet Paprika Precious!

As part of our Feminine Sensual Fridays, I dedicate two Fridays each month to one of the beautiful, sensational, vibrant women in our program. As part of our journey we each select an alter ego, a Burlesque name, to inspire the changes we wish to unleash in our lives. Today you meet Paprika Precious!

Who is Paprika Precious?

Meet Paprika PreciousWhen this confident, heel-wearing, stunning red head enters the class, her smile, laugh and energy fill the room.  Paprika Precious is not only a “burlesque dancer” she is the mom of two grown, married boys.  And, in only a few weeks she will be welcoming her first grandchild into the world…a baby boy.   She shares her home with an independent, happy cat named, simply, Missy (for Miss Independent).

She also enjoys being an avid gardener.  She’s learning that it really is a gift and gardening never feels like work.

During the day (and some nights as the job calls for) Paprika Precious gives her patients a glowing smile to wake up to.   She is a critical care nurse and loves her job.  However, at the moment, she is preparing for a lateral move in her career into the operating room.  She is very excited about this change even though it is a huge learning curve.  But she is ready!

When we asked Paprika Precious what she loves most about herself or her life this was her reply:  “It’s hard for me to say what I am most happy with in my life. There have been big life losses, but it’s moments like these that you find yourself asking a lot of questions and you learn to appreciate the importance of family and friends. I am alive, healthy and grateful. And did I mention I am soon to be a grandmother?”

Her best asset she says, “hmmmm, they are holding up! But I will go with my hair”.  That beautiful, wavy, red hair is definitely synonymous with Paprika Precious.

An Interesting Twist

Only three years ago Paprika Precious entered the Spartan Race and blew it out of the water!  She’s planning on doing it again this year!  Go P.P.  We’ll be cheering for you!

 Fearless and Free

One question we often ask our participants is, “if you could do any one thing in life, without fear holding you back, what would it be?”. The thing Paprika Precious has most wanted to do but has been afraid of is traveling.  Her trip to Cuba last fall was the start of a whole new journey for her.  Congratulations  on expanding your comfort zone and growing even more radiant!

Unleashing in Progress

As part of the Transformational Burlesque program the women identify qualities within themselves that they wish to unleash in order to live a more vibrant, fulfilling life!

When Paprika Precious first joined the Burlesque class over two years ago, it wasn’t because she was looking to be transformed. – she just wanted to dance.   She soon found herself drawn to the women there, Trisha, Kari (Scarlett Fire) and Ashley.  Now, through a series of events, she finds she is looking for her mojo again. She likes the camaraderie, support and energy of the class. “On Monday nights I like being PP!”

Oh la la…the Sensual Side

In addition to unleashing characteristics such as self-confidence and self-value, the women are also working on opening up their sensual sides, to experience the full range of feminine energies. Over time, women can cover their femininity with protective layers until its hidden deep within…being a mom, a career woman, an athlete, experiencing a negative life event or demands on our time can take a toll pushing some of our sensual elements to the back burner. So, we asked Paprika Precious about a few things she enjoys that elicits a softer, sensual feeling.

  • The first song that popped into her head was Born to be Wild  by Steppenwolf. It brings back memories of dancing on the beach growing up in Constance Bay.
  • She loves the color “Burnt Orange” so much so she  bought a truck in that colour and it simply makes her happy.
  • She loves the feel of her favourite cashmere sweater, it makes her feel comforted and sexy when she wears it.   “It begs for you to want to be touched.”
  • What sets her sensual taste buds tingling?   “I am dreaming of the most amazing mojito I had in Cuba…I booked a trip in February so I could have me some more ;-)”
  • Her scent that makes her melt is at the moment nameless.   🙂  “I had this one fragrance which I forget the name of it but I could never get enough of it and of course they stopped making it!!! So I am still searching for the elusive scent that makes me melt.”

Please feel free to leave Paprika Precious a comment below. She is a true pleasure and treasure to have in our class and community!

If you would like to register or learn more about being part of the Transformational Burlesque Program please visit our class page by clicking here.


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