Much Music & Movement Monday: Psychotic Girl

This Week’s Theme:

Unleashing dark feminine energy, sensuality, letting go of control, tapping into deep desire

SONG: Psychotic Girl
ARTIST: The Black Keys

When I first heard this song I was watching an episode of the  TV series, The Ghost Whisper with Jennifer love Hewitt.  Jennifer plays the character Melinda Gordon – the sweet,  soft and proper wife/mother and owner of an antique shop. She has a special ability to see the dead.

In this particular episode a ghost takes her into a dream like state and places her on a stage in an adult gentleman’s club. There was absolutely no one else in the club.  She was alone on  the stage.  When the music came on the song “Psychotic Girl”  seemed to unleash something inside of her.  Her deep, dark feminine side seemed to take over her body. It was as though something had possessed her (other than the ghost) when she heard the song.  Her body and mind let go of any reservations. She began to move to the music, slowly, sensually – the darker feminine energy flowing through her.  Feelings of deep desire, sexuality, attractiveness and sensuality were  unlocked from a deep place inside of her being and began flowing outward.    When the song ended she returned to reality, completely surprised at what had come out of her.

Every one of us possesses these feelings and emotions inside of us, but most women are afraid to unlock or unleash them.   It can be scary letting this out as it can cause some women to feel out of control.   Letting go of control is a healthy thing once in awhile, to fully let loose,  since we tend to control ourselves and our lives so much everyday.   Not celebrating and unleashing all of your dimensions or sides is not living your best life.

I challenge you to play this song loud , with the lights dim.  If you’re in a safe place, close your eyes and visualize yourself on that stage alone and for your own enjoyment.  Let the music tell your body how to move.

No moves barred.
Happy unleashing!

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