Online Self-Confidence Courses for Women

Are you ready …

…for our first online course teaching women how to reclaim their self-confidence, raise their self-esteem and reconnect with their full femininity?

Women Reclaiming Their Self-Confidence:   A Journey to the Heart of Their Femininity,

reveal the real you

will soon be launching for the convenience of at-home learning.  Women, world wide, will be able to benefit from Kari Hummer’s wisdom, life experience, training and continuous research. The FeminineXperience  can now reach to all corners of the globe to help women come out of their shells to live the most fulfilling and radiant life possible.

In our online course you’ll learn:

  • powerful tools to re calibrate your inner voice into a more positive and supportive self-talk approach
  • how to create a more empowered, balanced and positive outlook on yourself and your life
  • life changing, confidence building and self-esteem raising techniques
  • sensual movement techniques to reconnect your body and mind in a loving way
  • use basic burlesque-inspired, sensual movements to tap into your femininity

Be sure to check back soon!


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