Helping women reclaim their self-confidence and feminine sensual energy while building a healthy relationship with themself.

On a journey to the heart of their femininity, Kari Hummer helps women build self-confidence, self-love, and self-worth and to fully embrace their sensuality. Using powerful life tools and the influence of dance, the women tap into their extraordinary ability to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

Games for Building Relationship Closeness

Titillating Talk Tuesdays: Developing Boldness & Confidence to Ask For What You Want

This week’s question on Titillating Talk Tuesday! Dear Scarlett Fire I’d like to be more adventuresome in life and between the sheets but I’m too shy to say what I want…any advice? Ready for more, Anonymous Scarlett Fire’s Response A great  question that I know many women have but are afraid to ask. First and foremost,

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choosing how to live your life

Titillating Talk Tuesday: Is Burlesque Class All About Stripping?

This Week’s Question Dear Scarlett Fire, Do you take your clothes off in Burlesque class, or strip? Signed, Not Sure I can Do That   Scarlett Fire’s Answer Our classes have nothing to do with stripping. At least not when it comes to clothing. 🙂 However, our classes have everything to do with stripping away

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feminine sensual friday: what is feminine energy?

Feminine Sensual Fridays – Getting to 2nd Base

It’s that time of the week! It’s  Feminine Sensual Fridays where I will be sharing tips, tricks and advice about an array of topics, all related to unleashing the sexy, sensual, incredibly feminine woman you are! This week’s edition:   Getting to 2nd Base…With Yourself! Do you give yourself the time of day?  Do you put

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