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Kari Hummer Personal Empowerment Coaching for women

Kari Hummer, aka Scarlett Fire,  is a Feminine Sensuality & Confidence Coach who’s passion to help women like you runs deep and dedicated.   Her desire to empower women to live with more self-confidence, self-worth and vibrancy is driven by both her own personal life experiences and her passion for dance.  These life experiences, immense creativity, empathetic connection with her clients and her knowledge creates a compelling combination that draws women world-wide to begin their own personal transformation to unleash their inner hidden treasures.

Kari’s personal life experiences created an electrifying, motivating spark in her life which became and still remains the driving force behind The FeminineXperience and her powerful and life-changing program – Transformational Burlesque.

Women from all walks of life are drawn to Kari for a variety of reasons, but the common thread is their need to find new breath and support in  their search for  a more fulfilling, freeing and radiant life.  On some level, many have experienced life hurts or lived through undesirable situations or fears that have blocked their progress in life holding them back from achieving their goals for themselves, their family, and their life.  As a result they may have experienced lowered self-confidence, self-esteem and even self-love.

Kari is passionately involved in helping these women understand their authentic feminine nature, to embrace their full spectrum of feminine traits and to reclaim their power and appreciation for their bodies.

Personal Coaching

In addition to teaching the Transformational Burlesque Program, seasonal dance workshops and her soon-to-be-released online empowerment course for women, Kari provides one-on-one coaching for women and men providing personalized guidance for their own unique needs.

How it Works

An assessment to determine where you are now and a road map to get you where you want to go

Over the course of your coaching program you will discover and uncover  your personal blockages.

You will receive customized exercises to increase your quality of life, self-love, and self-confidence to move you towards your goals.

Fee Schedule

* Session appointments must be booked within 10 days of the previous appointment.   First session must be booked within ten days of purchase date.

** No refunds or credits for unused sessions.

1, One Hour Session(first session is free) $100
6,  1 Hour Sessions $90
12,  1 Hour Sessions $85
24, 1 Hour Sessions $75

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