Powerful Personal Transformation through Dance


Kari Pose4Are you living the life you desire right now? What is stopping you from being who you wish to be? Or where you wish to be?

The life we lead is created by our own limited beliefs and learned values. Our values, beliefs and perception of ourselves all affect how we handle situations and how we interact with others.  Careful and thoughtful examination of what motivates us – our fears, our emotions, our needs – helps us to understand why we might be ‘stuck’ in a life that is not one to which we aspire. A shift in thinking is crucial in order to allow ourselves to move on and grow.

Your can lead the life you have always desired and become the best version of yourself – and have fun doing it by joining our program.


2207056-stylized-silhouettes-on-a-white-background-digital-illustration  At  FeminineXperience40we have created a place for women to go to receive the tools to help map the way to your inner treasures. The map you will receive will help you in your journey to finding your inner self love.

Come to our classes and receive encouragement challenge yourself and to grow. Get out of your comfort zone by learning and performing our dances which have been choreographed specifically with you in mind – one who is not a dance student but would like to express that sexy, feminine part of you that may have been hiding. We use dance as an empowerment tool to help you break through your inhibitions.


Kari Pose3At  FeminineXperience40 you can always expect:

SUPPORT – a supportive, caring and encouraging environment from our instructors as well as from the rest of this special group of women.

A SAFE ENVIRONMENT – knowing that you are in a safe, non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere where you are free to be yourself or even to explore who you would like to be!

CONNECTION – bonding with other outstanding women who are also on their own journey. We become a family – connected through dance!

VARIETY – learning new dance routines, new movements to music always keeps it interesting; learning new techniques to utilize in your everyday life thus enhancing your journey and providing a chance to fast track your growth.

TO FEEL IMPORTANT and UNIQUE –  learning how to make yourself a #1 priority – GUILT FREE, so you can begin your journey learning about the uniqueness that is YOU! In our classes you will soon realize that you are a part of a very exclusive group of special and spirited women!

PERSONAL GROWTH – In the 8 years that we have been teaching Empowerment Through Dance, we have yet to find one person who did not grow in some aspect of their life, whether it be improvement in self-confidence, finding their X-Factor (uniqueness), improved body image, loving themselves as they are at this moment, escaping their a rut or feeling sexy and feminine again… or maybe even for the first time.

CONTRIBUTION– there are many ways to feel great about yourself, but contributing to others is one of the best!  During our classes we offer a few ways you can give back to the world!!

  1. Through our homework we pay it forward, to help other individuals in the community
  2. We encourage and help each other during this growth process in and out of class by bonding to become a family.  We support our fellow members and help them become stronger with a “we’ve got your back” attitude.
  3. Our performance group is comprised of non-professional dancers but OUTSTANDING women who perform for women’s charity events and by doing so, they show others that life keeps on getting better after 40 and 50!

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