Relationship Joy Begins With YOU!


joy-is-a-choiceWhether you’re in a relationship or looking for a new one, it’s important to be joyous, self-confident and comfortable with yourself first, before developing relationships.  If you’re already in a relationship stop and take a look at yourself.  You must find joy and happiness in your own life first without putting it on the outside world or people to make you feel joyous.

Each day you have the power to make the choice to be happy or to be miserable, no matter the circumstances.  That’s right…no mater what!

Too often, in relationships we find ourselves blaming the other person for our unhappiness. Really, its our choices in life that have made us unhappy.   If you’re in a bad relationship but choose to stay then you are choosing to be unhappy.  If you keep dating the wrong kind of guy and never feel fulfilled in a relationship then you are choosing to perpetuate the cycle of ‘bad men’ by not raising your bar.  If you feel your existing relationship is boring but you’re not willing to try something new and exciting then you are choosing to be unhappy.

So, what are you going to do about it?  It all comes down to choices.

Here’s an interesting read about choosing to be joyous.  Enjoy!


RisingPhoenixGenericOur Rising Phoenix Woman’s Award Nominees for 2015 are examples of women who have made positive choices to live a joyous life no matter what was handed to them.  They are truly inspiring.

In Transformation Burlesque our supportive group of women help each other to overcome fears, face personal challenges and develop into happier, more joyful, self-confident women.  Have a look at our program to find out more.

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