Rising Phoenix Woman’s Award Nominations

Please complete the following form in full.  Once your submission has been processed for qualification our admin team will contact you for a photo of your nominee.

Your nominee must:

  1. be a women
  2. living a positive and empowered life
  3. have faced a major personal challenge in her life
  4. reside in the Ottawa West community as defined below, proof of residence will be required (or mainly serve this area)
    • * Live in or mainly serve in The Ottawa West Community defined as the areas west of Pinecrest (in Ottawa) and West of Terry Fox Drive (in  Kanata) which includes, Sittsville, Carp, Carleton Place, Manotick, Munster and Richmond
  5. be 21 years of age or older
  6. be a positive role model or inspiration to others
  7. not be related to the employees, volunteers, founder of The FeminineXperience, the panel of judges, or award contributors
  8. be available for an in-person  Selection Interview with our Panel of Judges at a time to be announced
  9. must be available on March 9th from 8:30-9:30 pm to receive the award in person
  10. must be available for media photos / interview immediately following the presentation
  11. must be willing to allow her story to be published publicly

Good Luck!

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