Sensuality Through Your Senses

Women Living Their Lives on Fire Podcast

5-senses-3-adjusted-300pxIn this week’s podcast I’ll be talking about the stimulating power of your senses and how they enhance your feminine sensuality to position you into your most natural, attractive state.

I’ll be discussing the importance of:

  • sounds, from warm and grounding to strong and explosive, and the moods they invoke
  • touch and self-appreciation,
  • scents and the emotions they can invoke,  different for each of us, but equally powerful
  • taste , the pure pleasure those little taste buds can elicit
  • the joy of receiving and giving to yourself, difficult for women but a necessary  accomplishment

What a luxurious and easy way to strike the match and light yourself up on the inside to produce an attractive,  red-hot, fiery glow!

To learn how to up your attractive feminine energy watch my podcast by clicking here.  

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Now, light your life on FIRE!



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