Surprise! Men Will Do Anything For Sex: Titillating Talk Tuesday

Its Titillating Talk Tuesday and today we look at the biggest surprise in the universe!

Not that we didn’t already know this but…men will do anything for Sex.  Just have a look at this hilarious video from the Family Feud.


The-Goddess-EnergyBecoming a more self-confident, sensually-tapped-in,  empowered women creates an irresistible magnetism between you and your partner.  I’d say this is a welcome and healthy bi-product of the work you are doing right now to grow and expand your life.  You become more flirtatious, more open, and your exciting sensual feminine energy will make him feel like the luckiest man on the planet.  YOUR  man will never feel like he needs to beg, lie, die or cook (although cooking would be a bonus) for sex. Instead he’ll worship you like the goddess you are.  Your relationship will be closer, stronger and more intimate than ever, a necessary ingredient in any relationship.

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