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Light and dark feminine energy,

Titillating Talk Tuesday: How to Unleash Your Inner “Bad Girl”

This week’s Question Dear Scarlett Fire, I was raised to be a good girl.  But lately, I feel restricted, like there’s another part of me dying to get out.  I want to be more open but my good girl holds me back.  How do I unleash my inner naughty / bad girl? Signed, Anonymous  Scarlett

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Much Music & Movement Monday: Slowly!

This Week’s Theme The Mistress / Temptress dark feminine energy:  teasing, exciting, liberal SONG:  Slowly ARTIST: Max Sedgley VIDEO: Watch the YouTube Video Max Sedgley’s “Slowly” will unleash that sensual, teasing and liberal part of your femininity – your Mistress/Temptress energy. You will entice your significant other for sure, and let them know you are not

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Patricia the Stripper by Chris Deburgh: Much Music & Movement Monday

This Week’s Theme The Mistress-Temptress dark feminine energy: teasing, exciting, liberal SONG:  Patricia the Stripper ARTIST: Chris Deburgh VIDEO: http://youtu.be/VNY5lrSS9WM If you want to breath some new energy into your already established relationship, try on the dark feminine energy of the Mistress-Temptress. Beware: do not use this in a new relationship, if you want it to

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feminine sensual friday: what is feminine energy?

Feminine Sensual Fridays: What is Feminine Energy?

Today on Feminine Sensual Friday, Kari Hummer explains  what Feminine Energy really is and the 5 basic qualities !   https://thefemininexperience.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/5-Qualities-of-Feminine-Energy-The-FeminineXperience.ca_.mp4Podcast: Play in new window | Download


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