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Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield

This Week’s Theme The Fairy Princess feminine energy: innocent, flirtatious, romantic SONG:  Pocket Full of Sunshine ARTIST: Natasha Bedingfield VIDEO: http://youtu.be/0btXhLdAuAc  Pocket Full of Sunshine is a song best played full blast!  It’s fun and playful spirit brings out my Fairy Princess feminine energy. The Fairy Princess is a very attractive, flirty, youthful energy that can be enjoyed at

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Surprise! Men Will Do Anything For Sex: Titillating Talk Tuesday

Its Titillating Talk Tuesday and today we look at the biggest surprise in the universe! Not that we didn’t already know this but…men will do anything for Sex.  Just have a look at this hilarious video from the Family Feud. Becoming a more self-confident, sensually-tapped-in,  empowered women creates an irresistible magnetism between you and your

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