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Light and dark feminine energy,

Titillating Talk Tuesday: How to Unleash Your Inner “Bad Girl”

This week’s Question Dear Scarlett Fire, I was raised to be a good girl.  But lately, I feel restricted, like there’s another part of me dying to get out.  I want to be more open but my good girl holds me back.  How do I unleash my inner naughty / bad girl? Signed, Anonymous  Scarlett

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100 Years of Beauty

This video is an interesting montage of “looks” that travel the decades from 1910 to present day, all created on the same model, with looks ranging from: inimal makeup to bold and artistic smooth hair to big hair exotic to demure Looking at them now in present day, we can see that she is beautiful in every

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Surprise! Men Will Do Anything For Sex: Titillating Talk Tuesday

Its Titillating Talk Tuesday and today we look at the biggest surprise in the universe! Not that we didn’t already know this but…men will do anything for Sex.  Just have a look at this hilarious video from the Family Feud. Becoming a more self-confident, sensually-tapped-in,  empowered women creates an irresistible magnetism between you and your

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Relationship Joy Begins With YOU!

  Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for a new one, it’s important to be joyous, self-confident and comfortable with yourself first, before developing relationships.  If you’re already in a relationship stop and take a look at yourself.  You must find joy and happiness in your own life first without putting it on the

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