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feminine sensual friday: what is feminine energy?

Feminine Sensual Fridays: Falling In Love

This week’s edition:   Falling In Love….With Yourself! That’s right.  Finding our own self-love is critical to our well-being!  Find out more…Watch this week’s video now! What do You Love About Yourself? Name a body part, whether its your hair, your eyes, your nose, your toes or any other lady bumps you’d like to mention, that

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choosing how to live your life

How Will You Choose To Live Your Life?

Life is full of choices: who you spend time with what you tell yourself and believe about yourself positive and negative choices that impact your self-confidence and identity whether you’ll be happy or joyful, sad or bored choosing to embrace your sexy, sensual, feminine side whether you will unleash the best version of yourself or

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