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New Burlesque Session…Starts Monday May 2!

More Dance. Less Talk. Its a brand new session of Burlesque Dance with The FeminineXperince and the last of the 2015/2016 programme year! FEATURED PROP: For a fun twist, we are incorporating another new prop: a hand fan! CLASS BEGINS: Monday, May 2nd at 7:45 pm LOCATION: Kanata Recreation Complex, 100 Walter Baker, Kanata, Ontario Hall B Space

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transformational burlesque women

Your Transformation Begins in 8 days!

The backpacks are ready, the kids are enrolled in their fall activities and summer is winding down.  Now its time for YOU! What will you do to make yourself a priority this fall? If living a more fulfilling, vibrant and exciting life is on the top of your list, don’t miss out on the FeminineXperience’s Transformational Burlesque !

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How to Peel off the Armour of Past Circumstances

Have circumstances, challenges or relationship dynamics built up a protective layer of armor around your heart and soul in order to help you survive every day life? We’ve all experienced it at one time or another – the survival technique of protecting our heart, our soul or well being by putting on a piece of

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Everything i desire comes to me easily and quickly


Article thanks to Power of Positivity   By now, you may have realized that you came here on a mission greater than anyone ever told you about growing up. Some event or person may have woken you up out of a deep slumber, and now you see the world through new eyes. It may feel

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Register for Transformational Burlesque

Burlesque Classes Last Chance to Save On Tuition Fees- 24 HOURS ONLY!

Are You Ready to BURLESQUE? For only 24 more hours you can SAVE on this year’s tuition fees for Transformational Burlesque by buying NOW! On Aug 12th, prices will be going up! For this limited time you can reserve your session, sessions or full year tuition by buying online before midnight on August 11th! Want

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Man Eater: Much Music & Movement Monday

This Week’s Theme The Femme Fatale dark feminine energy: ravaging, dominate, highly sexual SONG: Man Eater ARTIST: Hall & Oates VIDEO: Click Here to Watch the YouTube Video Get into your femme fatal energy with this song by Hall & Oates. but be careful – this is a very powerful energy,. Make sure you are with someone

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much music and movement monday psychotic girl song by the black keys

But I am a Good Girl: Much Music & Movement Monday

This Week’s Theme The Goddess feminine passionate, confident, influential SONG: But I am a Good Girl ARTIST: Christina Aguilera VIDEO: Click Here to Watch the YouTube Video You will definitely get into your goddess energy with this song that’s  full of attitude and punch! Need to pitch an idea to someone?  Unleash this energy that is

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power of words

The Power of Words – Inner & Outer Reality

At The FeminineXperience, Kari Hummer teaches women that your words (and thoughts) have the power to set the stage for your life, the power to change your life and the power to hold you back. Choosing your words carefully will set you up for success, self-confidence and happiness. Try these powerful words on for size today

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Rising Phoenix Woman's Award

Announcing The Rising Phoenix Woman’s Award

We are pleased to announce our 1st annual Rising Phoenix Woman’s Award. In recognition of an outstanding woman in the Ottawa West community who has triumphed over a major life event and has emerged as a joyous, empowered and vibrant woman! Nominations begin Monday, January 26th! To find out how to nominate that amazing women in your

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choosing how to live your life

How Will You Choose To Live Your Life?

Life is full of choices: who you spend time with what you tell yourself and believe about yourself positive and negative choices that impact your self-confidence and identity whether you’ll be happy or joyful, sad or bored choosing to embrace your sexy, sensual, feminine side whether you will unleash the best version of yourself or

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