“Hesitantly I agreed to try one of Kari’s classes and I was astonished at what I have learned about myself. Kari is an amazing instructor with great sense of humour and a natural ability to make everyone relaxed and have fun. The class goes beyond dancing; it focuses on improving your own self-image, raising self esteem, helping you to go beyond your comfort zone.”  -Violetta Boroski

“It has improved my life by giving me the freedom and acceptance to be uniquely me, physically, emotionally and sensually. Even if no one else realizes what that means I know that in my heart I am comfortable with the person I’ve become.”  – Trisha Bond

“It has improved my life by helping me to see that even though things are sometimes out of my control in life, I don’t have to let them make me feel that way. It has given me the confidence to not be afraid of showing people who I really am, and how strong I can be. It has also given me the final confidence to open my own pole dance studio. I had about 6 months of ballet training when I was 4 years old as my only dance experience.”
-Sarah Spinfire

“The Dance Experience has given me more confidence and some fantastic memories. It has changed my life in that I am now able to see how much more enjoyable life is when you take time for you and do something that you really enjoy. I had no dance training before coming to The Dance Experience but had the time of my life. I even found the courage to get on stage and perform which is a huge stretch for me and way out of my comfort zone.”
Rebecca Wigle

“I am a belly dance performer. I was teaching dance for a short period of time last year and loved the experience. For personal reasons, I ended most of my activities a few months ago. I had lost my ambition. Looking for a new challenge, I attended my first DanceXperience workshop in August. I immediately felt a connection with Kari and her vision. I wanted to join her in her mission, be part of her team. I put my fears aside and embarked on this amazing journey with KariHummerDance. I have found my challenge; got out of what had become a comfortable life … I am now pursuing a dream. I feel EMPOWERED.”
Celine Lecours

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