Thank You Thursday: All of the Ladies

This Week’s Thank You Thursday is Dedicated to All of the Ladies Who Participate

Santa Baby Burlesque Workshop ParticipantsIf it wasn’t for the trust of all of you,  the women who come and play full out, changing and growing, stepping bravely (with knees knocking) out of your comfort zones, to become your best version of yourelf,   I would never have the energy and the drive to do this.

My passion is seeing and getting to know each one of you, finding your most incredible talent, your most unique qualities and sparkle and helping you pull it out for the world to witness!

I feel so lucky that I get to watch and be part of your growth, your transformation, your peeling away of fears and  coming out and unleashing the most incredible feminine Goddess that you have been holding back.  You make me a better me. You make it possible to live my dream of giving my gift to the world.  You give me energy and fuel my passion.  I cannot thank you enough for your trust, and for your courage and determination!

kari hummer is scarlett fire


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