Thank You Thursdays: Ashley

It’s Thank You Thursday at The FeminineXperience.  A day dedicated  to expressing my appreciation to the people, places, and things I love and appreciate in my life.

This Week’s Thank You Thursday is Dedicated to Ashley

I need to put out a deep and heartfelt Thank you for an amazing friend, beautiful person and incredible dancer.If it wasn’t for Ashley, I would never have a break and recharge like I need to.Thank you Ashley, you’ll never know how much this means to me to be able to trust you with my classes and my people. I love how you connect with them and take over my classes with ease. I always feel safe leaving knowing they are all in good hands.On a personal note thank you for being my safe place to get a little crazy, that you trust me when I want to do something “out there”and you are right there doing it with me , to vent, to cry, to celebrate, to be me, and not be judged……that means so much because I cannot get that just anywhere.THANK YOU!!

What are you thankful for today?  Please send me your shout outs to anyone or for anything!

  • people who’ve touched you in some way
  • inspiring quotes
  • songs that speak to your soul
  • a piece of artwork that makes you feel joy whenever you look at it
  • your favourite scented candle that reminds you of home
  • anything goes

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