Thank You Thursdays: Trisha

The FeminineXperience announces Thank You Thursdays: a special day dedicated  to expressing my appreciation to the people, places, and things I love and appreciate in my life.  I will also be inviting  you to share your thanks for anyone or anything!

  • people who’ve touched you in some way
  • inspiring quotes
  • songs that speak to your soul
  • a piece of artwork that makes you feel joy whenever you look at it
  • your favourite scented candle that reminds you of home
  • anything goes

This Week’s Thank You Thursday is Dedicated to Trisha

If it wasn’t for you Trisha, I would not be able to reach out to as many people. Thank you for your gift of time and your creative passion of art, creativity and organization, cracking the whip on me to keep me focused in the right direction, keeping all of my registration together and homework blogs , making everything I say into beautiful a package! You actually take things out of my head and make them show up in real life!! I love how I don’t even have to ask you to do anything, you just take the initiative and do it and totally ROCK!!! The business is growing because of your hard work and time! I cannot thank you enough for the endless hours you put in everyday, and as this grows into what my vision is, I will never forget who helped me achieve it!! Your friendship is so valued. I am so grateful to have you, that I can trust you completely with my baby, with my secrets and vulnerabilities , and know that you are so supportive even when I make mistakes. THANK YOU!

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