The Mummer’s Dance by Lorenna McKennitt: Much Music & Movement Monday

Its Much Music and Movement Monday!

This Week’s Theme:

The Mummer's Dance, The Book of Secrets by Lorenna McKennitthe  Fairy Princess feminine energy,  joyous, innocently flirtatious, romantic

SONG: The Mummer’s Dance
ALBUM: The Book of Secrets
ARTIST: Lorenna McKennitt

Whenever I hear this song I picture myself wearing a wreath of flowers on my head and a long flowing dress as I frolic in the meadow, looking over to see a handsome prince coming towards me on his horse.  I feel youthful and radiant as I greet him.  He’s drawn to this beautiful feminine energy like magic!

To get into your magical, romantic, joyous and innocently flirtatious energy of the Fairy Princess, just push the play button.

Enjoy The Mummer’s Dance by Lorenna McKennitt.


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