Titillating Talk Tuesday – Dancing For Your Partner

How do I get over my feelings of vulnerability and perform my burlesque dance for my partner?

Every day you perform routine tasks or rituals such as washing dishes, showering, driving to work, putting on your shoes and tying up your laces, getting dressed, cooking dinner and riding a bike. You’ve performed these tasks so often in your life that your body automatically does them naturally without even thinking about them.

Creating Muscle Memory

red bicycle

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Think back to a time and task when it may have been much more challenging, when you actually had to think about it and practice over and over to get it right. Maybe you were a child learning how to ride a bike. Was it difficult? Was it scary? Did it come naturally? It probably wasn’t easy. It wasn’t difficult just because you were a child. It was challenging because your body had not experienced the task before, it had not learned how to do it. Learning to ride a bike can be pretty overwhelming: trying to balance on the bike, looking straightforward to see where you’re going, keeping your handlebars straight, peddling, and trying not to fall. At first that seems like an overwhelming number of things to think about to ride this bike. However, I bet you can hop on that bike and ride it now without even thinking about any of those things!

Titillating Talk Tuesday at The FeminineXperience

This, my beautiful friend, is what you can do with the burlesque dance – repetition, repetition, repetition. Make this a priority skill you would like to master.

Once you repeat a movement over and over again, you will find that your body will start to perform it with ease and without thinking about it. This is called muscle memory.

Now that you’ve mastered the movements, you want to share this sexy dance with your man? What a wonderful gift that your strong masculine man will appreciate and adore you for!

Mirror Mastery

practice your burlesque dance routine in front a mirror

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Now that you’ve become confident in your movements by practicing the routine when you’re alone (as outlined above) you’ve successfully built muscle memory. The first time you actually perform the burlesque dance you may experience a little anxiety within your body. The second or third time your body’s muscle memory will naturally take over because it’s already learned what to do. Prior to the big performance, practice the entire dance in front of a mirror as often as you can. To make sure you are using correct body stance to make your dance as sexy as possible practice your movements from our weekly edition of “Much Music & Movement” on Mondays available on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts and on our Blog.

Trust me. When you see a sexy women walking sensually down the street or dancing sexy with her partner, she wasn’t just born that way. She purposely created her own, sensual natural movements. She practiced moving her body in a certain way that eventually became her natural state. Now she just can’t help it! Her body has learned how to move that way and does it automatically. You can do this too and move like the sexy goddess you know you already are!

The Attractiveness of Vulnerability

confident woman dancing on red chair

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Opening up to someone and sharing this dance will absolutely open you up to vulnerability. You want your partner to appreciate and enjoy what you’re sharing with him. Of course, this is a scary thing – opening up such a vulnerable place inside of you to share, feelings of fear of rejection and not being good enough can all pop up in your mind and squash your confidence.
Remember the fake it till you make it.

If you hold your body strong and upright, self-confidence will come. If you look like you’re enjoying the dance for you, the person watching will enjoy the dance also. Think back to a time when you were watching a performance in which the performer did not look like they were having a good time. You probably didn’t enjoy it either. However, if you experience the artist having the best time of their life it automatically makes you love their performance whether there’s mistakes or not.

A woman being truly vulnerable is what makes her the most feminine and the most attractive to her masculine counterpart. Opening up and being vulnerable will attract him even more. You do not need to be perfect in your dance. You just need to display confidence (whether you feel it or not), vulnerability and enjoyment for the movements. Trust me – you will have a challenging time keeping him seated throughout your performance. He’ll want to come right up and join you. You may even have to tie him up. 😉







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