Titillating Talk Tuesday: Is Burlesque Class All About Stripping?

Titillating Talk Tuesdays at FeminineXperienceThis Week’s Question

Dear Scarlett Fire,

Do you take your clothes off in Burlesque class, or strip?

Not Sure I can Do That


Scarlett Fire’s Answer

Our classes have nothing to do with stripping. At least not when it comes to clothing. 🙂

However, our classes have everything to do with stripping away the protective layers that are smothering your inner fire to reveal the most radiant, vibrant woman you know you are!

peelingbackthelayersOver the years I have taken many courses on self confidence, and living my best self. Through these courses I have learned that you are meant to experience the world with your the best version of yourself. It is a tragedy for the whole world if  you live without being all that you can be!  You have so much to give. If you are not filled up with energy and vibrancy you cannot share that with your family, with your community or the world!

Our classes are focused on positive, empowering moments to help you uncover the best version of yourself.

Our classes are about:

  • being filled up
  • building confidence and raising self-esteem by pushing your limits and peeling away the layers of fears, insecurities, and past hurts to uncover the light within – that roaring fire that is living inside of you right now
  • unleashing the version of yourself who you know you are meant to be but who may be hiding afraid to come out, thereby filtering or dimming your light
  • finding that sensual goddess of femininity, and celebrating her and all of her moods and qualities
  • creating new habits through repetition such as building confidence, or moving your body in certain ways in order to feel comfortable-moving like a feminine goddess.
  • learning to embrace more of your feminine side which is all about movement, creativity, emotions and your senses.
    • It’s okay to have masculine traits when you’re out in the workplace. However, when you’re at home, with your man, between the sheets, you want to move into your softer feminine energy. Too much masculine energy can: block your magnetism and repel him, reduce the passion in your relationship, or worse block the attraction all together
  • being part of a community and support for yourself and for other women
  • knowing that it is a journey of many moments to get where you want to be.

So, the clothes stay on, but the fears, negative energies and stiffness hit the floor!

If you’d like to give it whirl try one of our workshops or sign up for the Transformational Burlesque Program.


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