Titillating Talk Tuesday: No Dance Experience Required!

Titillating Talk Tuesday’s Question:

Dear Scarlett Fire

 I want to try your classes but I can’t dance.  I’m afraid I’m going to look stupid.  

I have two left feet and no coordination.


Scarlet Fire’s Response:

Dear anonymous,

95% of all the women who come to me say this exact thing. You are not alone.

The entire point of my  burlesque dance classes is not to be a dancer at the beginning, but to pull fourth your most vibrant, beautiful self as you do perform the feminine movements of burlesque inspired-dance.  And to build your confidence at the same time.

Will it feel awkward at first?  Yes it probably will.   But check out this video of Matt.  Did he know how to do everything  in the dance?  He absolutely did not.  He just went with it!  You cannot put a price tag on the  joyous experience you get from taking part in  different dances while learning from people all over the world !

So I’m hoping you will find inspiration in Matt and come dance with The FeminineXperience!  And become your most juicy, radiant self!

Ps  Yes we know the video was creatively derived.  However, the joy and message it spreads is still the same.


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