Burlesque Program

Using a unique blend of empowering Nouveau Burlesque dance techniques and practical, positive exercises, Kari Hummer delivers a classy program that will change your outlook on life and provide the spark that will set your life on FIRE!

Who’s Taking Our Classes?

Our participants are everyday, open-minded women, ages 25-65: moms, wives, teachers, nurses, artists, police officers, realtors, web designers to name a few. These woman step into class ready and eager to:

  • to fully express their femininity
  • to celebrate their body’s magnificent glory
  • to radiate confidence from every cell
  • to have freedom to be deliciously sensual

Or simply for their love of dance! The reasons are limitless.

the women of transformational burlesque

From time to time we may find that our life spark has dimmed becoming more of a glowing ember than a fiery blaze. Just as a fire needs oxygen, heat and fuel to grow strong and bright, women need confidence, self love, femininity and encouragement to thrive! As a fading fire can be renewed with the right elements so can a woman’s sensuality, confidence and self-love. Yes it is possible to re-stoke that fire in your life!

The common thread among the women who attend our classes is the choice they have made to finally make them self a priority in their own life and to invest in their personal well-being regardless of the issues that brought them to class.


Transformational Burlesque Class Schedule

What does this program offer?

The Burlesque program is multifaceted to draw out the best in every woman.  It begins with a supportive environment, applying life tools, and the spark to light the fire.

Environment: The oxygen, the basic needs in life. As a top priority we provide a positive, safe, encouraging, non-judgmental and supportive environment in which to thrive. Only positive words and attitudes are brought into the studio for ourself and for others. Encouragement and support is easily and freely offered. Many new friendships and lasting bonds have been born within our classes.


Life Tools: The Fuel to ignite your inner fire! Perhaps you want to be more expressive or assertive, flirty, confident,softer or stronger. We give you the tools to draw out the characteristics you desire to live radiantly.

The fuel needed to propel personal growth. Practical, powerful, easy-to-implement life tools are taught to empower your life and to unleash the characteristics and qualities that have may been hidden beneath layers of fear, protection or obstacles that have been holding you back. Perhaps you want to be more expressive or assertive, softer or stronger. The program as a whole helps women to peel away these layers to allow them to live more freely, vibrantly, radiantly and authentically. –>

The Nouveau Burlesque Inspired Dances: The heat to put words and lessons into action. Every seven weeks you will learn a brand new burlesque-inspired choreography designed to push you out of your comfort zones, draw out your creativity, self-expression, enhance your sensuality, playfulness, femininity, and of course a bit of your naughty side. As you learn the routines you will find yourself feeling more confident, loving and showing off your beautiful curves, and appreciating the beautiful woman you are right now in this very moment. The sense of accomplishment that is experienced with the completion of each new dance is a welcome and exciting feeling!

Don’t wait another second! IGNITE your LIFE now!

dancing in transformational burlesque


Transformational Burlesque Class Schedule


The Burlesque Program runs over the course of four months with a month hiatus in November.

  • Session 1: Sept 12-Oct 31  AND  Nov 28-Dec 19, 2016

All classes run on Monday nights from 7:45pm – 9:00 pm at the Kanata Recreation Complex, 100 Walter Baker, Kanata On, Hall B.

Class Descriptions

Choreographed Dances

During the course of the session (September to December) you will learn 2 choreographed burlesque dances using various props,  incorporating a variety of music and themes and building upon previously learned techniques.


Transformational Burlesque Class Schedule


FeminineXperience Testimonial

“It has given me the confidence to not be afraid of showing people who I really am, and how strong I can be.” Sarah S.



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