Will You Live as The Ageless Goddess or Old Crone?

Dr Northrup, a NEW YORK TIMES best selling author  and women’s health expert,  helps us embrace ageless living!

FACT: Your ideas about aging set the tone about your aging, starting at age 11! The belief system is what informs our body how to age.
The belief alone that aging is wonderful, adds 7 years to your life, Where as the belief that aging is hard and awful, has women with more reoccurring health problems

What can you do to live as the AGELESS GODDESS?

Make sure the people you spend your time with and  surround yourself with, your TRIBE,  are  ageless Goddesses!   Join a class or a group of women who are living this Ageless Goddess belief!, women who are not living the OLD CRONE way of life.

Dr Christine Northrup, Goddesses never age book

  1. Your Tribe – You may have to go out and find a new tribe of women who match this belief.  For your health and well-being, to be ageless and enjoy your family and life, would you not agree that it is worth it?
  2. Notice beauty – everyday notice something that is beautiful and celebrate it. Wake up knowing your eyes will show you all the beautiful things the world has to offer
  3. Self pleasure – Put your own pleasure FIRST!  Feel, explore and celebrate erotic feelings and sexual thoughts and pleasures. Get your keys to your own ignition and start reversing your chronological age with this most enjoyable technique. Your sexual relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in your life! You can train your body to feel more and more and more, with less and less and less! Being sexy is a critical life force.  Go ahead and cultivate your sexuality – get to know your vagina!
  4. Celebrate your birthday – but not the age!
  5. Stop Saying Stupid Things – like I am having a senior moment, and start having GODESS moments!
  6. Stimulate the Senses – Notice things that stimulate all of your senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight and intuition ( see our video blog on evoking feminine energy through the senses below)
  7. State of Mind – NEVER let an old person live in your body, and don’t hang out with old people.  Whether they are 30 or 90.   Old is simply a state of mind.
  8. Pleasurable exercise –  like dancing 😉   Stop sitting for long periods of time! Get up, stretch for flexibility and work on your balance!
  9. STOP the sugar – cut your sugar intake including grains.  Eat more alive foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and unprocessed healthy foods.
  10. A Hug a Day – Get a really good hug every day for 6 seconds.  Hugs release Prolactin (bonding hormone) and oxytocin which lowers blood pressure and kicks in the parasympathetic nervous system – the rest-and-restore nervous system which is the antidote for everything!
  11. Get Your Zzzzzs – a good solid 8 hour sleep every night improves concentration, reaction time and leaves you feeling refreshed.


*Resource: http://www.mamagenas.com/goddesses-never-age/

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