You’re More Than Good Enough!


a little twist of kindness is all it takes to unlock your self-love

I recently came across this  article in my inbox entitled “10 Reasons Why Your’e Good Enough”.  It was a simple list that reminded me how often we, especially as women, can get down on ourselves, especially when events mount one upon the other.  Its easy to get overwhelmed by things, people, time pressures, expectations (our own and other’s) and emotions.    We can be our own worst enemy at times.

Today I challenge you to be your best friend, to  nurture your self-love, to give yourself a break and reflect on what’s really important in  your life.  Embrace the wonderful human being you are, know that you are loved and supported, that you are talented and caring, and that you can be vulnerable and strong all at the same time.
Believe, me you’re not merely good enough…you are far more than that!  You are a confident, powerful and loving WOMAN!
Please, share with me what you did for yourself today!

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